Dave Chappelle jokes about ISIS, OJ Simpson in new Netflix trailer

Dave Chappelle Comedy Specials Trailer From Netflix

Dave Chappelle's back in new Netflix special trailer

They're the first two in a series of three specials that will be released for Netflix- the other will be an original. Not since 2004's For What It's Worth has the deliberately reclusive comedian filmed one of his sets, although he's gone on sporadic tours and most recently returned to the spotlight with his exceptional post-Trump appearance as the Saturday Night Live. Netflix has released a trailer for the comedian's highly anticipated specials featuring the standout track from Tribe's comeback album We Got It From Here...

The shows were filmed in two locations - Austin, TX, and Los Angeles - and contain material that is, at Netflix describes it, from his "personal comedy vault".

The voice behind that statement was unmistakably that of actor/comedian/writer Dave Chappelle, who will be making quite a splash within the internet media streaming scene when he makes his Netflix debut later this month with two comedy specials.

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Deep in the Heart of Texas and The Age of Spin will be available starting March 21st. "All manner of things kill white people, but you know what kills more black people more than anything, more than police and terrorism?"

Well, it looks like Dave Chappelle is back! Chappelle is now on the road touring in preparation for the third special, which will film sometime this year. In the video, Chappelle covers everything from ISIS to O.J. Simpson.

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